Monday, 28 September 2015

Facebook Error (Sorry Something Went Wrong)

Facebook is showing an error now like 

Sorry, something went wrong.

We're working on it and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can.

There is an error when you open all over the world.
People are saying that facebook server is down. May be it will fix soon and you will get access to your account.

If you are facing this error then comment on this post.

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Resize Image without losing Quality – How to Guide

People hate to visit websites which require more time for loading. So one should always seek to improve the webpage load time, so to do so you have to look at many things like loading sources, page cache, media files etc. One among such media file is images, adding beauty to your page, but at the same time, it is regarded as the most bulky resources which takes much time to load on the page, thereby causing inconvenience to the visitors.

But one can improve the page load time by cutting the size of an image to a significant amount. But even resizing the image without any proper knowledge may be troublesome as you may lose the quality it had. Though photoshop provides a nice feature to save the original quality of the pic, it is not preferred much as it’s too expensive to purchase the photoshop application for desktop or web version. So here I’m going to provide you with free online tools to Resize Image without loosing Quality

Web Based Tools to Resize Image without losing Quality :

JPEG, PNG, GIF, SIV are some of the image formats that can be compressed with this online application. This reduces the image to a quite considerable point without losing the image size.
This application is also available in Chrome and Firefox extensions

After uploading the image from your computer, give the size of the image and quality you wish to have after processing. This provides only some control of the output and compression ratio But Greatly Helps to Resize Image without loosing Quality. is the best and popular online application you can have to compress images. It is present with an up-loader as well as URL box to have the image. In this you will not be provided with the ‘enter’ option to enter the image quality as that of previous one because it automatically optimizes the image by compressing it to a limit. & :

I would suggest you to have these application, for more control of the image quality. A slider appears as soon as you upload an image to auto control the quality of the last image. A preview panel is provided for showcasing the changes according to the quality slider change. So before downloading the image you can have the review of your final image. This application is available on different domains for JPG and PNG images. :

This application is available to compress the PNG files. Upload an image and you can get a compressed size of the image. Besides this, , a quick tool to compress the PNG images to the best level without affecting the image quality.

Desktop tool to Resize Image without loosing Quality

If you need a Desktop tool to do this task then i would suggest you to have PNG Gauntlet as your first choice, You will need .Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 to run this tool on your Windows.
Resize Image without loosing Quality
You won’t Face any difficulty in Using this tool as it is very User Friendly. While Optimizing the images PNG Gauntlet will show you older size and Optimized size of the image. this Program is not that Fastest at it work but Usefull.
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How to Schedule emails to send in future

You never know if you will have time in nearby future. There are two instances, once when you are having enough time and no work to do and the other when you are not having time and you are having huge workload. During the times of heavy workload, there can be instances when you forget to do important things which you should have done.

Let’s say you didn’t mailed your friend for his birthday. So, what to do then? To keep yourself on a safer side you can schedule your mails when you are free.

 How to Schedule emails for sending them in future.

Boomerang for Gmail

There is a plugin, names Boomerang for Gmail which is available both for Firefox and Chrome which will help you to Schedule emails. This plugin is compatible with Gmail and using this you can take control of sending and receiving emails at desired time in your Gmail account.

 How to Install Boomerang

  • Open your Google chrome or Firefox Browser and visit the Boomerang website by clicking Here.
  • Once you have visited the website, click on the Install Boomerang button which is present on the website and the installation will be started.
  • You will come across a couple of steps, follow those steps and your installation will be done.
  • Once the installation has been completed, the next time you will open Gmail, Boomerang will be automatically enabled.

How to use Boomerang

  • Using Boomerang is very easy as the interface of this plugin is very user friendly. Read the guide below on how you can use Boomerang on your Gmail account to Schedule emails.
  • Compose email like you normally do.
  • On the Compose page right next to the Send button you will see a new button named Send Later. This is the button which will help you to send email later.
  • Choose the date and time as per your schedule, whenever you want to send the email.

Additional Features

Schedule Recurring Message :There is one great feature which comes with Boomerang and that feature is that you can schedule recurring messages to anyone on periodic basis. Let’s say you are working in a project and you are the project leader and each week you need to ask your team member about the progress report of the project. Using Boomerang you can schedule that message using the Schedule Recurring Message feature. You will see the option to schedule recurring messages once you click on the Send later Button.
Deal with emails later: Sometimes we don’t want to read the emails we received at that time. Boomerang will remind you to read the received mail at the time you have set. If you have sent an email to your entire team and you want that the person who is max qualified in your team should reply to It but he fails to reply it then you will be get notified.
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Top 5 Websites to Improve typing Speed and skills

Everyone using the computer wish to finish their tasks quickly. For doing this, typing plays a vital role because no matter if you are making presentations, doing content writing or even chatting you have to apply your Typing skills everywhere.
It is dream of everyone to type rapidly and without even looking at your keyboard, just by concentrating on word over your screen which you are typing. But many of us really don’t have those great typing skills and if same is the case with you , just don’t worry .

Here is a list of few outstanding websites which will not only increase your typing speed but also let you Improve typing Speed and minimizing typing mistakes.

Top 5 websites to Improve typing Speed

Improve typing Speed
On you will have to select a time slice ranging from 1 minute, 2 minutes and 3 minutes. Accordingly choose one text type from given ten types and then you can begin the touch typing test
After this test completes, website will generate a summary showing your typing speed, typing accuracy and errors that you made during your typing test. It will also categorize your typing in slow, Average or Fast in order to help you improve.
Besides, you can also play nine different games to test your typing speed while enjoying the game at the same time.

Improve typing Speed
The website PowerTyping is an online free typing tutor website allowing you practice on both kinds of keyboards i.e. Qwerty keyboard and Dvorak keyboard. Here Qwerty keyboard will make your paragraph or words typing skills better while Dvorak keyboard will be helping you to understand the alphabet’s keys location on your keyboard. You can select your desired keyboard and take the typing practice, or you can play some typing games as well.


Improve typing Speed is different from above mentioned two websites in such a manner because besides English, you can also take test for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian here. Some of which offer more than one default keyboard layout making you perfect in typing languages even other than English.
You can choose the test type from Random words, Custom text and Imported web site or blog which gives you flexibility to practice simply anything you want.


Improve typing Speed
In you can enter a typing race, take some practices yourself and also invite your friends to a private race with chat where you can compete against them. It will not just Improve typing Speed of yours but will also help you to measuring typing speed as well as chatting with your friends at the same time. You can install TypeRacer on Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, or Netlog  and you can also test your typing speed in Chinese, French, Japanese and many other languages.


Improve typing Speed
As per the name of website, you can test and Improve typing Speed by playing games. There are 10 different free typing games and each of them has three levels: beginner, Intermediate and advanced.
Apart from this you can also study the typing lessons or you can take some typing tests if you don’t wish to play game and just want to practice in classical manner.
Keep on Practicing to Achieve your Goal, If you know any other Great Website, Feel Free to Mention it in Comments.
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